Tactical UAV

Pan-European Agency uses complete SATCOM and video solution weighing less than 2kg

Secure connectivity tailored for smaller, lighter UAVs

BLOS communications for smaller, lighter Group 2 UAVs

Transmit near real-time, full-motion video, imagery and other platform data with AES-256 level end-to-end encryption.

Like others operating Group 2 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), those with a maximum weight of 55 lbs, this pan-European entity needed Beyond Line-of Site (BLOS) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) that would respect their platform’s unique size, weight and power constraints. With a requirement for HD quality video, this operator selected a complete solution from Eclipse Global Connectivity for near real-time capabilities via the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network. The package includes the Cobham Aviator UAV 200 modem, an intermediate-gain antenna, Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satellite airtime, and our H.265 end-to-end Video Codec module.

The Aviator UAV 200 SATCOM solution for Tactical UAVs is the ideal solution for this operator. Available through the ingenuity of our partners Cobham and Inmarsat, the solution weighs in at less than a total of 2kg. Additionally, Eclipse Global Connectivity operates an extensive ground network, including a dedicated Network Operations Centre (NOC), ensuring operators access satellite services through our secure VPN.

While almost any Tactical UAV with SATCOM can have BLOS command and control, this pan-European entity gains a key advantage with Eclipse Global Connectivity’s Video Codec module. Optimised for secure satellite transmissions with our encryption tools, this innovation allows the UAV to transmit near real-time, full-motion video, imagery and other platform data, with AES-256 level end-to-end encryption.

The operational benefits are undeniable. The Inmarsat L-band satellite network is robust, unaffected by atmospheric conditions, and offers a typical service availability rates of 99.9%.   With IP-based data rates of up to 200kbps, this higher bandwidth means video streaming.

As some tactical UAVs can fly for 20hrs+, for more than 95% of the mission it may not be possible to receive real-time video, data or other sensor information, with the result that by the time the platform lands, the operational picture could have completely changed. With the UAV200 integrated onboard, it suddenly becomes possible to receive a rich level of information in near real-time, allowing re-tasking “on the fly”, as well as fast decision making.

Finally, the reliability of the Inmarsat L-band network, which has a 99.9% service availability, ensures that the operator should be able to retain command and control over the UAV, regardless of the distance or location.