Our Customers

We deliver SATCOM solutions for an extensive range of mission requirements.

Defense organizations from around the world benefit from our more than 20-years of expertise. We utilise our extensive knowledge of the whole aviation communications ecosystem to deliver tailored connectivity solutions. Gain insights into how Eclipse Global Connectivity has helped Heads of State (HoS), Ministries of Defense (MoD), and other government organizations to achieve their mission and operational goals through Satellite Communications (SATCOM).

Head of State: High-speed data and voice connectivity for VVIP passengers and crew

Like many of our HoS operators, this African presidential A319CJ came to us with unique connectivity requirements. Eclipse Global Connectivity addressed this operator’s specific requirements with a complete bespoke solution including hardware and installation kits, software, certifications, and satellite airtime.

Ministry of Defense: High data rates for A-ISR aircraft

SATCOM is a key tool for successful A-ISR missions requiring high data rates to transfer huge amounts of data. This European MoD operator chose Eclipse Global Connectivity for our deep understanding of and expertise in delivering solutions with the bandwidth to enable mission success. A key differentiator is our Aero+ Velocity airborne application.

European Civil Security operator: Multi-media platform and SATCOM for multi-mission Aircraft

Eclipse Global Connectivity helped this European multi-mission aircraft operator to gain operational efficiency and increased situational awareness with multi-media sharing capabilities. Our specifically tailored media platform allows crews from a variety of missions to share, stream, upload, view and manage video footage, and images gathered inflight. This civil defense organization implemented our solution on their Beechcraft 200 aircraft.

Multi-mission Aircraft: Flexible Roll-on-Roll-off form factor provides higher bandwidths

A variety of operators flying diverse missions use the Eclipse Global Connectivity Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro/Ro) SATCOM system across their aircraft fleet to complete diverse missions, including A-ISR. The Viper 4-Channel SATCOM system—our latest implementation of the Ro/Ro form factor—reduces the investment required to have critical communications capabilities onboard a fleet of aircraft.

Tactical UAV: Complete SATCOM and video solution weighing less than 2kg

Tactical UAVs have unique size, weight and power constraints. this pan-European entity needed Beyond Line-of Site (BLOS) Satellite Communications (SATCOM) that addressed these restrictions. They chose our complete solution, weighing less than 2kg with 2 compact units, to help deliver HD quality video in near real-time via the Inmarsat I-4 satellite network.