Military A-ISR

A-ISR operator reaps benefits of Aero+ Velocity SATCOM channel aggregation

Secure, High Data Rate SATCOM for Airborne ISR platforms

Maximum bandwidth for real-time video transmission

End-to-end security optimised for SATCOM

This Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (A-ISR) operator came to us with a requirement to install secure, high data-rate Satellite Communications (SATCOM) capability on their aircraft. While adding connectivity to any aircraft is complex, as a strong, reliable partner, we supplied a complete solution. Working closely with this A-ISR operator, we delivered the system design, SATCOM hardware, an airborne server with our Aero+ Velocity application installed, Inmarsat Assured Access satellite airtime services, and operational support.

Aero+ Channel Bonding Tool enables high data rate connectivity

Aero+ offers a unique tool that allows channels of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband, or X-Stream to be aggregated together, creating an HDR (High Data Rate) connection. The combination of the Honeywell HSD-400 modem and the Aero+ Velocity enabled Kontron server offered this operator more than 1.2Mbps of high-quality bandwidth for the rapid transmission of high-definition full-motion video and extra-large data files.


Cost-effective, guaranteed SATCOM service

Inmarsat’s Assured Access service, the Inmarsat service we deployed with this A-ISR operator, is designed to provision a fixed amount of SwiftBroadband bandwidth (designated in kbps or Mbps) in a specified geographic coverage area. Users get 24/7 unlimited usage for a set annual price. The service allows for a defined set of spot-beams in which the user obtains a higher priority relative to the others using satellite resources within that area.


Keeping data safe with encryption-friendly technologies

As this A-ISR operator understands, integrating encryption technologies with satellite network systems is complex and challenging, requiring specialised knowledge of both the particular encryption device and how the satellite network will interact with it.

Transmissions that include encrypted data can be detected and targeted. This is why we recommended an IPsec hardened, secure VPN. Using the encryption capability our Aero+ suite of tools, we created a tunnel through which the encrypted data is transmitted. The end-to-end AES-256 encryption for IP networks masks the encrypted transmissions, ensuring vital intelligence is securely transmitted from this ISR aircraft to and from Command and Control. Additional capabilities include cryptographic key management, access management and authentication. Once tested and deployed on the aircraft, the operator gained the ability to stream data and voice communications from the aircraft to the ground (and vice-versa) through the secured end-to-end IP network.