Civil and border security

Multimedia platform and SATCOM for multi-mission and civil security aircraft

Multi-mission aircraft operators gain operational efficiency and increased situational awareness with multi-media sharing capabilities.

Enhanced situational awareness and operational efficiency

Eclipse Global Connectivity’s specifically tailored system allows crews from a variety of missions to share, stream, upload, view and manage video footage and images gathered inflight via a Beechcraft 200 aircraft.

This European Civil Defense organization deploys multi-mission aircraft to perform a broad range of tasks, from firefighting, to Medevac, and public assistance. The ability to share video and imagery across a variety of aircraft and command centers offers significant advantages including group situational awareness, and increased mission efficiency. This is why this government agency turned to Eclipse Global Connectivity. We provided a solution that would allow them to securely share video and images amongst their team, and stream live video using Satellite Communications (SATCOM).

The complete solution, includes satellite airtime, video encoder and a multimedia software application specifically designed for multi-mission aircraft. It features an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI), used over a single-channel SwiftBroadband SATCOM transceiver with High Data Rate (HDR) capacity for live HD video streaming.

Easy-to-use multimedia tools provide enhanced decision making

Using a secured internet connection via the Mission Workstation, mission crew gather video and images, and upload geo-tagged photos and video files to a secured portal, making them available to other operators and mission command to view. The multimedia tool works both inflight, and on the ground, and supports Microsoft, Android or iOS devices. Files are stored based on aircraft mission type, in reverse chronological order, for ease of retrieval and enhanced decision making. Designed with ease of used in mind, the GUI offers similar functionality to popular streaming platforms like YouTube®.

This complete installation gives this government agency added intelligence for better deployment of resources most fitted to a specific mission.

Add multimedia capabilities to your mission.