Multi-mission aircraft

Higher bandwidths in flexible Ro/Ro form factor for aircraft flying a multiple of roles

Deployable satellite connectivity for multi-mission aircraft, including the C-130 Hercules

Flexible, powerful solution, deployable in minutes

On demand capability, saving space and weight when SATCOM is not required

Whether their mission is medivac, VVIP and troop transport, or ISR operations, a variety of A-ISR and Special Operations operators use Satellite Communications (SATCOM), a critical tool for multi-role aircraft, to successfully execute their missions. This is why many of them choose the Eclipse Global Connectivity deployable Roll-on-Roll-off (Ro/Ro) SATCOM System. It helps reduce costs while driving mission success. Our deployable systems come in several sizes, with a variety of capabilities and provide connectivity to a wide-ranging number of aircraft platforms from C-130s down to Cessnas.

The latest in our ruggedised, Ro/Ro, customisable SATCOM solution family is an option that provides 4-channels of Inmarsat SwiftBroadband (SBB) connectivity. Operators also have the option of selecting L-band, Ku- or Ka-band capable equipment supporting satellite services from a wide range of operators. And like our other systems, it can be easily moved from aircraft to aircraft and deployed across a fleet.

Video transmission, plus secure chat and data transfer

This A-ISR operator chose our 4-Channel Viper which comes equipped with the Honeywell HSD-400 (2-channel SATCOM modem) combined with 2 HSD-Xi modems, and an airborne server equipped with our Aero+ Velocity application. This configuration lets the operator aggregate 2-channels of the highest SBB service, HDR (High Data Rate) for high quality real-time video transmission, with data rates from 1.1 to 1.7Mbps. The two remaining channels are used for other mission critical applications such as Voice over IP (VoIP) calls, and encrypted data transfer and chat.

Rugged and flexible and customizable

These Ro/Ro systems are housed in a rugged case, featuring MIL-SPEC connectors, and robust shock-mounts to protect the integrated avionics, High-speed Data SATCOM modems and cabling. In addition, operators have the option of adding further capabilities including power supply, antenna control unit (ACU), encryption devices, servers, routers, and PBXs, depending on their requirements.

Always Available SATCOM for Worldwide Operations

Eclipse Global Connectivity developed this range of Ro/Ro systems with reliability in mind. Within minutes, any one of our government operators can set-up the system on a selected aircraft, configure it for the specific mission, and operate anywhere in the world. This continuously available service means there’s no need to contract new spot beams for operations in new areas.

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