We offer a complete solution from concept to completion

With more than 20 years’ experience, we have helped a variety of defense, Head of State aircraft operators to obtain systems that meet their needs and help them accomplish their missions.

We offer a complete range of connectivity hardware for Satcom and ATG solutions like Iridium, EAN (European Air Network) and L-TAC (BLOS) service and equipment including:

  •  Satcom transceivers, antennas, mounting systems and racks
  •  Installation kits and cables
  •  Telephones and telephony systems
  •  Routers, servers and Wi-Fi networking systems


For example, our Roll-on Roll-off Viper 4-channel Satcom system reduces the investment required to have critical communications capabilities onboard a fleet of aircraft. Elsewhere, Defense organizations from around the world rely on our expertise to increase efficiency, and provide greater situational awareness—to help them accomplish their missions.  Platforms flying with our solutions include:

  •  Military transport
  •  ISR platforms
  •  Tactical aircraft
  •  Government
  •  VVIP transport
  •  Helicopters & drones
  •  Fighter aircraft